Car Accidents

Been in a car accident & still hurting? Don't be a victim twice. Come in to address the pain. Most folks won't have any out-of-pocket expenses for their care. We accept letters of protection (LOPs) from attorneys, accept Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and will also do third party billing in many cases.

Worker's Comp

We can serve as your treating doctor for work related injuries. From providing treatment to filling out forms and making appropriate referrals, we can help make the return to work as smooth as possible


Be at the top of your game! Whether you're on the varsity squad, competitive runner or getting ready for a crossfire contest, let GWC work over your spine and joints to optimize performance.


Has life thrown you a curveball? You can't help others unless you are feeling great yourself. Put yourself first for once and come in for some "me time"!